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Eye Trax Is The Leading Manufacturer Of Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Our solar powered outdoor wireless security camera systems have three methods of acquiring images, and can be programmed to send to any mobile device as an SMS alert or email automatically or on-demand with a live request. All images are stored on our cloud-based servers for review and creation of time-lapse videos. The three methods of picture acquisition are motion activation, timed intervals, and LIVE PICTURE request.

Our motion activated camera utilizes a passive infrared sensor that measures changes in thermal activity in the viewing area of the cellular security camera. Humans, vehicles, and large animals will be the only warm bodied objects that will trigger the night vision security camera system therefore eliminating false alarms and only alerting you when the event is important! Sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted to accommodate whatever your needs may be.

When security and surveillance is needed in a location where there is no infrastructure (no power – no internet) to support a standard security camera, then our solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras are the perfect fit for your application. Powered by the sun and utilizing local cellular towers our cellular security camera systems do not require anything outside itself to operate 24/7. Installation can be performed by anyone who can operate a screwdriver and a mobile phone. The outdoor security camera system is pre-configured with cellular service at our facility prior to shipping, ready to work specifically at each deploy location.

Our systems are predominately used as a construction camera or storage yard security camera, but many other industries are using our systems ranging from sub-station security to property management. Explore our site to see how the Eye Trax solar powered outdoor wireless security camera systems can aid you in your security and surveillance needs.