Cellular Security Cameras And How They Communicate With Our Cloud Services

Don’t worry about finding a cellular provider for your camera system because we do it for you as an integral part of our cloud services.

During the purchase process of your wireless cellular camera system, you fill in the address of the camera deploy location or use our interactive map to automatically identify GPS coordinates of the desired location(s). We will receive this information upon completion of the online check out process and determine which carrier has the best coverage. Our team will program and install the SIM card prior to shipping the cellular camera system. We can provide cellular service from any provider anywhere in the WORLD for the same low monthly service fee. The monthly service fee is charged per camera and reduces in price as you add cameras to your inventory.

The cellular camera system will arrive to “ready to operate” and all you have to do is power it “on” and it automatically finds the closest cellular tower to communicate with. Log into our cloud based software we call the User Interface and take control of the camera’s operations. The cloud services include unlimited cellular data transfer from the camera to our media storage system in the cloud. Pictures & videos in the media storage can be viewed by logging into our secure software we call the User Interface. The User Interface can be accessed by any web browser or mobile device and gives you complete access & control of the camera system. The cloud camera control software features include; new User creation tools, chronologically organized pictures & videos, high definition time lapse video creation, picture white board drawing functions and a picture overlay analysis tool. We provide the unlimited cellular data and cloud services.

The monthly service fee for each camera is paid in monthly increments (or annual) providing you a contract free experience!


How Our Cloud Services & Camera System Works

Solar Powered Motion Activated Cellular Security Camera Night VisionSolar Powered Motion Activated Cellular Security Camera Night Vision


Cloud Services

Cloud Software

Take a test drive of our cloud based camera control software, which is available in a mobile application and can be accessed from any web-browser. The live cameras below demonstrate our camera controls and software features. Upon logging into your account, the first screen that appears is the Camera Console, which provides "command center" view of all your wireless cameras. Click on any and the software will open the Camera Interface, which offers all the camera controls and features. Go ahead and give it a try, we know you will enjoy the easy to use software!

Solar Cellular Security Camera Cloud Software 


To learn more information about our camera systems, check out our products page. If you have any technical questions, feel free to email us today.