Solar Powered Remote Wireless Camera Control Software

Cloud Based Camera Control Software

Take a test drive of our cloud based camera control software, which is available in a mobile application and can be accessed from any web-browser. The live cameras below demonstrate our camera controls and software features. Upon logging into your account, the first screen that appears is the Camera Console, which provides "command center" view of all your wireless cameras. Click on any and the software will open the Camera Interface, which offers all the camera controls and features. Go ahead and give it a try, we know you will enjoy the easy to use software!


Camera Console

Our cloud software is the “hands on” controls of your outdoor security camera system once it has been deployed. To access our cloud, you must locate on any web browser and provide your information. Upon entry into the software the Camera Console is the first screen displayed, designed to be the command center for viewing all within your login permissions.

Security monitoring centers use the Camera Console to monitor all cameras from one viewport on one screen. Once a camera has been triggered, the image in this view updates with a “red” box indicating an “alert”. The Camera Console is also the main screen for Users with Administrative privileges to perform the following functions:

  • Create, Modify, Delete User Profiles
  • Set User Permissions Per Camera Per Login
  • Program Camera Acquisition Parameters
  • Organize Cameras By Location & User
  • Set Alert Functions
  • Edit Video & Image Libraries
  • Capture Camera Automated Snippet Code
  • Cloud Services Controls Per Camera


Click on the image that you would like to control with the Cloud Software

Construction Site Surveillance Camera


Charlotte Observer New Building Construction


Hotel & Casino Construction












Ranger PTZ

PTZ Ranger - Canada


License plate capture using 12MM lens.


Camera Interface
Upon selecting the individual camera you would like to view and control in more detail, select it simply by clicking and enter the Camera Interface.  Our Camera Interface gives you ultimate control of your cellular camera system by providing a multitude of acquisition controls and unique software features.  Create time lapse videos, take a "live look" for instantaneous information, modify your security alerts, review all your images chronologically or simply change your camera's acquisition settings.  Our software provides many features that will ultimately provide you with the best software for security and media communications including:
  • Live Look Video/Image
  • Time Lapse Video Creator
  • Draw & Notes Overlay
  • Image Overlay Old/New
  • View Video & Image Archives
  • Set Motion Activation Parameters
  • Set Alert Functions
  • Schedule Video & Image Capture Times
  • Social Media Sharing & Automation
  • Download, Share, Delete Video & Images
solar powered security camera 4G cellular camera cloud software - Eye Trax

Mobile Application
Our mobile application is connected directly to our cloud services giving you streamlined controls of the camera software & features. For those people who are always on the run, our mobile application software makes it easy for you to stay informed.  View, connect, and control your cellular camera systems from the freedom of all your mobile devices. Our most popular feature on our mobile application is the “Live Look” video &  images, which gives you instant verification of your surveillance area.

Remote Cellular Camera Mobil App Software By Eye Trax

To learn more information about our camera systems, check out our products page. If you have any technical questions, feel free to contact us today by simply providing your information and questions on out inquiry page.