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Automate Your Remote Camera's Images To Your Website

Each camera has it’s own “snippet” code which can be inserted into any Client website which will automatically update pictures as they are acquired. By using this “snippet” code for marketing purposes, you not only reduce work for the person who normally has to do this manually but this method of updating your website every time a picture is taken will drastically increase your Google page rankings because Google provides better placement for websites that use machine to machine communication with constant updates.


Locate Your Camera’s HTML Snippet Code


Solar Construction Camera Automated Website Updating

Automated Website Picture Examples

Construction Camera Social Media Marketing Automated Construction Camera Images & Time Lapse VideoAutomated Construction Camera Images And Time Lapse Videos



Share Your Pictures & Time Lapse Videos On Social Media Sites



Construction Camera Social Media Marketing


The Camera Interface allows quick delivery of your pictures and time-lapse videos to your desired social media sites.

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