Monitor your boat & dock remotely with night vision and motion detection.

Solar Powered Wireless Marine & Dock Security Cameras

Boat security is a vacant market for boat owners who want to protect their vessel from un-wanted perpetrators or vandals. This type of stand-alone motion activated boat security camera is the ONLY marine security camera in the world!

Protect your investment and re-live the fun while giving yourself the peace and mind that when you arrive at your vessel, it is in the same condition as you left it. This cellular based boat security camera is the final piece of the puzzle for the end user to maintain security on their investment and give them the ability to be there without actually being there. Eye Trax is striving to make marine security simple, effective and fun!

This cellular based boat security camera send video & picture alerts to your mobile phone the second someone is near your boat. The marine security camera is designed with a heat activated motion sensor that is triggered the second a warm body, or object enters the secured area.

This cellular security technology allows the end user the freedom to monitor their boat or yacht from anywhere in the world. The benefits of this cellular boat camera technology include:

  • Knowing when maintenance crews come and go from the vessel
  • Monitoring the security of the boat or yacht
  • Eliminate gas syphoning
  • Checking conditions at dock before arriving at vessel
  • Monitoring the power levels of the battery to ensure bilge pump operation

Dock security camera systems are vital to marina owners and individuals who park their boats and yachts in these public and private slips. Eye Trax can help eliminate potential threats by offering a solar powered wireless dock security camera that can monitor these remote areas 24/7/365. Boat owners can also gain access to the wireless cameras from the marina owners. Marinas can offer full time boat security monitoring with our partner companies who provide this service. There is no need to worry about your prize possessions and investments anymore. Eye Trax provides worry free wireless outdoor security cameras that are simple to install, operate, and most importantly, cost effective.

Don't wait to have your boat broken into again because you know they will be back....  Take a look at our camera products or send us an email to find out how to catch these predators.