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Application Of Solar Powered Cellular Security Cameras

The Oil & Gas industry has numerous remote locations that require 24/7 surveillance for several reasons. A remote webcam was previously an unavailable technology to the Oil & Gas providers, until now. The Eye Trax remote security camera provides much needed visual information about a site; ranging from, knowing of a pump head stoppage, if valve has moved, truck or vehicle has entered the property, or when a human has entered a sensitive area to steal copper or damage the property. Our solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras can provide this information in the form of images or video upon:

  • Motion Activation By Humans Or Vehicles Only
  • Light Beam Gate Sensor
  • Scheduled Images & Video
  • Live Video & Image Portal
  • External Trigger By 3rd Party Devices
  • Remote Output Software Trigger To Other Devices 

The solar powered security camera will provide visual confirmation of a meter reading, valve activation, gate opening or closing, tanker truck and vehicle presence, and all human activity. The end user can determine the next action or can quickly review all of this information by receiving a text alert or a security Command Center can be monitoring each camera.

Oil and Gas storage tanks are typically located in remote areas where surveillance is required because the controlling company is not local. These remote storage tank facilities are regularly visited by tanker trucks to fill up and be transported elsewhere. Keeping a detailed and accurate account of these trucks, and the amount of oil and gas remaining in these storage tanks is a difficult task to accomplish. The heated-activated motion sensor on our solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras will trigger every time a truck enters the monitored area and deliver a picture to the user. A detailed list of pictures depicting the time and date of these events will be stored on the Eye Trax cloud based server for future review. Accounting for truck activity and meter reading can all be done in the main office by viewing pictures received from the solar powered security camera.

Nighttime notification is another common necessity for the person or security division, allowing them to receive these high definition pictures at all times, day or night. In areas where there is heavy activity during day light hours but should not be trafficked when the sun goes down, the motion activated camera can be programmed to only send text alerts at night. This will eliminate unnecessary pictures during the day and only alert the user at night when typically these critical events take place. The outdoor surveillance camera switches to black and white automatically by gauging the light outside, and the invisible infrared lamps illuminate distances of over 100ft.

If the need of the wireless outdoor security cameras is to eliminate the threat of human activity then the heat activated motion sensor will instantly start taking pictures of the event as it occurs. Videos & images are immediately sent to our cloud camera control software which can be viewed by a company’s security department, or whoever is in charge of that particular location. Immediate action typically occurs to eliminate any further acts such as vandalism or theft. Remote security camera systems are now available and an affordable reality that will save the Oil and Gas industry thousands of dollar previously lost in overhead, inaccurate accounting, pump location visits, and unexpected security breaches.


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