Solar Wireless Night Vision Security Camera Text Alerts


Alert Notifications

Everyone and every industry has their own specific needs for alert notification from their remote secure location but the most common reason it "to catch the bad guy".  Our camera systems have an array of wireless trigger devices that range from pressure sensors, light beams, and motion detection devices that trigger your remote cellular security camera to acquire video & images.  

Typically we are only concerned when there is a human or vehicle in a secure remote area and during these times of activity we call this and "event".  Our motion activated camera systems are equipped with invisible night vision technology that will capture video and images of every "event" at night and of course during the day as well.  Alerts notifications are immediately sent as a text for individuals and for cameras being monitored by a security command center, the cloud software notifies the Agent by highlighting the camera view in red.

You can choose when to receive text message alerts and add other mobile phone numbers to whom you would also like to receive the text alerts.  If you secure location is active during the day and should be vacant at night, you can program the cloud software to filter all alerts by your pre-set days & time range.  


Schedule Alert Days & Times

We understand that most remote locations may have human & vehicle activity during certain times of the day, that is why our cloud software features scheduled alerting by day & time.  Don't worry if you missed an alert because all videos & images are stored chronologically in our cloud software and you can look back as far as day you deployed your solar powered motion activated cellular camera system.


Text Alert 




Cloud Software Alert


Security Monitoring Eye Trax Cloud Software Alert Example Camera Console View                           


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