Motion Activated Night Vision Security Camera Features & Functions


Security Camera & Software Features

Our solar powered cellular camera systems are equipped with all the features needed for all security measures.  When it comes to security the right people need to know about the wrong people the second the event occurs in order to achieve arresting results.  Each location requiring security has a "target" that a perpetrator knows that it is easy to access and remote so known can see them.  In these remote locations, there isn't anyone watching and ready to call the authorities and the bad guys know it so that it is why it is vital that you have a system that alerts you or a security command center of every event.

Triggering the remote cellular camera to capture video or images can be done wirelessly in several ways including motion detection, light beam relay, 3rd party devices, and various relays provided by you.  Upon trigger of any of the methods our camera systems have the capability of taking high res images and video that includes a 10 second buffer for ultimate coverage.

All images & video are immediately sent over the cellular network to our cloud based server network. The web-based camera control software can be accessed from any device in the world. Our smart cloud mobile software will recognize the device that you are using and size itself accordingly. The software can be programmed to send video & images to any device as an text alert or an automatic email otherwise all images are stored on our cloud-based servers. If needed, our camera software, videos and images can be pointed to any secure server or existing security software platform.  

Our motion activated camera features a passive infrared sensors that measures changes in thermal activity in the viewing area of the camera. Humans, vehicles, and large animals are the only warm bodied objects that will trigger the night vision security camera. Only alerting you when there is a “real” threat (human or vehicle) considering them as an “event” otherwise there is nothing of interest happening in you secure remote location.  Event based alerting in real time is only way you or your security monitoring command center can truly remove the threat keeping your secure area "event" free.



Motion Detection Features

Cellular Camera Motion Detection Alerts Humans & vehicles trigger our camera systems to acquire video & images so you know instantly who is in your secure remote location. We use thermal detection to distinguish between human activity and the wind blowing trees casing false alarm alerts.    Motion Detection Camera Text Alert NotificationsMotion Detection Camera Text Alert Notifications Receive text alert notification the second a human or vehicle has entered your remote location and call your local law enforcement if needed!  Add as many User profiles & mobile numbers to the text alert dispatch list per camera.
Wireless Cellular Security Camera Night VisionWireless Cellular Security Camera Night Vision  Infrared technology allows the camera to view objects up to 150ft (30m) while invisible to the human eye.  Upon a motion activated trigger our camera systems have the ability to capture video & images within the limits of the camera and activate remote wireless battery operated infrared modules for extended viewing distances.    Wireless Cellular Camera Remote Device Network  When you need to extend the motion detection & night vision distances we have the solution with our wireless device local network.  We offer battery powered remote devices capable of capturing vehicles at 65mph, remote IR lamps for larger night vision, amongst our ever growing inventory.  



Cloud Software & Mobile Application

Take a test drive of our software with our LIVE camera inventory and get a "hands on" feel of our solar powered wireless cellular camera systems.

Eye Trax Cellular Camera Cloud Software            Eye Trax Cellular Camera Cloud Software Mobile Application


Check out our wide variety of wireless security cameras and battery operated remote devices available for our camera system's remote network.  If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please fell free to send us an email