Outdoor Night Vision Security Cameras | Eye Trax



Infrared Night Vision Technology

Our motion activated cellular camera systems are equipped with infrared technology that allows the camera to view objects up to 150ft (30m) while invisible to the human eye.  Upon a motion activated trigger our camera systems have the ability to capture video & images within the limits of the camera and activate remote wireless battery operated infrared modules for extended viewing distances. 


Remote Cellular Motion Activated Night Vision Security Camera Detection Areas



Motion Detection Alerts

Even in the black of night, our night vision camera systems will immediately send you video & image text alerts providing real time event notifications.  All video & images are stored in our cloud software which is also available in a mobile application in which you can view all media chronologically and control the camera's operations.


Eye Trax Motion Activated Text Alert Cellular Camera



Wireless Remote Battery Powered Motion Sensors

With our goal in mind of keeping everything wireless, we offer battery powered remote motion sensors that transmit up to 250ft (76m) away from the cellular security camera to acquire video & images.  Our remote motion sensors systems utilizes an integrated passive infrared sensor that measure changes in thermal activity in the detection area. A passive infrared sensor (PIR) creates an invisible thermal grid and once this thermal grid is disturbed with an introduction of a new thermal profile (humans & vehicles), the camera will trigger and in less than half of a second. Speed of the human or vehicle is not an issue as our remote sensors will detect a vehicle moving at 60 Mph (97 Kph) and trigger the camera remotely within 1/2 a second!  We offer two styles of wireless remote sensors for differing applications where a single detection direction is acceptable Vs. a location that requires detection coverage on all four sides.


Eye Trax Motion Sensor Cellular Camera            Eye Trax Remote Motion 4 Way Sensor Cellular Camera Video Trigger            Solar Cellular Night Vision Security Camera Radio Device Network



For more information on our Outdoor Night Vision Security Cameras and motion activated products  simply send us an email  and one of our associates will be in contact.