Surveillance Camera with Night Vision | Monitoring Snow Removal Operations

Most snow removal companies are seasonal and have contracts with property owners to remove snow when it reaches a determined amount. In the past, the snow removal companies would have to either take a risky drive with expensive equipment to the location to plow or call the property owner at obnoxiously early hours of the morning to see if there was enough snow to warrant such activities. Not anymore!

Eye Trax provides a solar powered webcam that will monitor locations for snow removal companies and property owners. There is no need for contracts or subscriptions for cellular service and use of the software because Eye Trax offers month-to-month unlimited access and service to all solar powered surveillance camera systems.

The Eye Trax wireless solar powered security camera is useful in diverse applications including the snow removal industry. Save time, fuel and unnecessary trips to various remote area locations by monitoring them from a home, office, or cellular phone by having all of the wireless security cameras visible in one location on our cloud camera control software or mobile application.

Perfect for seasonal or temporary installations, the Eye Trax wireless surveillance camera requires little maintenance and may quickly and inexpensively be moved to different locations. Resilient to cold weather to minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit, this wireless outdoor web camera is robust enough to keep on operating even the coldest of snowstorms. The outdoor wireless security camera has an internal battery that is powered by a small solar panel and when the panel doesn’t get any sun or gets covered with snow, there is enough power to operate for at least 10 days before the battery needs to be charged by the solar panel again. Most of the time snow that accumulates on the surface of the solar panel slides off because of the 45 degree angle required for proper installation.

When the solar powered surveillance camera is not watching snow fall in a remote parking lot, it can be used as a motion activated camera for monitoring snow removal equipment and supplies in storage yards. Many companies find themselves spending way too much money on replacement materials and equipment resulting from theft. Eye Trax allows for the possibility to actually catch the thief, find out who trespassing, and see what is going on LIVE at any time 24/7. The motion activated camera will send out a picture text alerts to any mobile phone a within seconds of being triggered by a human or vehicle. Once a text alert is received from the solar powered wireless night vision security camera, you then can determine if further action is needed and can then simply dial 911 to contact Law Enforcement.

Eye Trax has an economic solution for all snow removal companies to run more efficiently and market themselves as industry leaders with the latest technology. The solar powered wireless security camera not only offers the availability of remote surveillance but will also provide night vision security camera technology triggered by motion to keep an eye on the Snow Removal Company’s assets parked in a storage yard or warehouse!

Companies can now run more efficient and are able to market to prospective clients with Eye Trax, the leader solar powered wireless security camera technology!


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