Solar powered remote monitoring of agriculture & environmental activity

Solar Powered Remote Surveillance Camera System For Environmental & Agricultural Studies

Monitoring environmental and agriculture areas is very important for gathering information for studies but at the same time very time consuming and sometimes inconsistent due to the availability of the person performing these studies. The most effective way to gather information for environmental and agricultural studies is to have 24/7 monitoring but that is a very expensive task when considering employee time and travel.

As long as there is the presence of a cellular signal and sun within 100ft of the solar powered wireless remote camera system you can perform surveillance & live video monitoring. Our cloud camera control software boasts many features that will aid in analysis by offering picture overlay and time-lapse video. The picture overlay will take two pictures acquired by the remote surveillance camera and digitally stack them on top of each other so measurements and finite analysis can be performed. The software will also allow the creation and editing of time lapse-videos just like commonly seen in construction time lapse camera applications.


            Create Time Lapse Videos Of Your Studies


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Ranger 1.3MP Resolution

Pump Station Surveillance

Recycle Center Security Camera


Flood Watch Surveillance


Don’t spend a lot of money driving back and forth studying environment and agricultural areas when you can have a solar powered outdoor surveillance camera from Eye Trax do it for you. For more information on our products and system capabilities please email us your questions.