Quick Installation Process of Solar Powered Cellular Security Cameras

solar powered 4G cellular camera installation guide - Eye Trax  Installation Guide PDF

Our cellular security camera systems boast two major features that allows for quick install process. Since our wireless camera systems utilize cellular networks to transmit data back to our cloud servers, there is NO need to supply power and an Internet connection, which is required with typical wireless camera systems.

Our cameras operate on any cellular signal, from any provider, anywhere in the world! We ship our wireless outdoor security camera systems "ready to operate" with pre-installed and pre-configured cellular service for any deploy location. Our cellular camera system automatically communicate with the local cellular tower once the power camera is powered "on".

Our cellular camera systems are solar powered and only require sunlight to operate all day and all night. The solar powered security camera system has an internal battery that provides 10 full days of operation during inclement weather. The solar panel requires 5 hours of direct sunlight and if the solar panel does not have sunlight available at the camera mounting location, we have 100ft. extension wires to re-locate the solar panel.


Installation Tutorial


Barrel Mounting Pole

This patent pending design is for the End User who will be using the solar wireless security camera on a temporary basis. The design of this system is for quick installation and removal without the need of digging a hole. This allows for times when the outdoor camera needs to be re-located often. When the Barrel Mounting Pole system is filled with water it weighs nearly 500lbs and when it is empty is weighs only 25lbs! Being that it only weighs 25lbs, anyone can pick it up and easily move it to a different location. The Barrel Mounting Pole system can be filled with water through the top of the barrel with a garden hose and emptied out through the bottom through the spigot. This application is typically used on construction sites where a construction camera is needed in one location for a temporary basis. 

Barrel Pole Stystem


Modular Mounting Pole

This outdoor camera mounting pole is a three piece design that joins together in minutes with just the use of a 9/16” wrench or pliers to tighten the bolts. This pole was design for semi-permanent applications. The bottom of the pole is buried 18” deep and is secured into the ground with an 80lb bag of concrete that can be found at any hardware store. Once the bottom portion is securely installed the two remaining sections simply bolt together to form a 12ft vertical pole. The solar panel and outdoor camera mounting brackets simply screw into the modular pole mounting plates with a Phillips head screw driver. 

 Modular Pole System

To learn more information about our camera systems, check out our products page. If you have any technical questions, feel free to contact us today by simply providing your information and questions on out inquiry page.