Mega Security Camera Resolution & Lens Options | Eye Trax

The Mega is designed to create super high resolution time-lapse video for research and marketing.  Used mainly as a time-lapse construction camera the Mega has a wide variety of applications including resort marketing and wildlife research.


Important Camera Placement Topics

Maximize your Mega camera experience by understanding what it takes to produce the best imagery possible by positioning the camera in the best location. Aim the camera due North so that the sun is always behind the camera and not glaring into the glass face of the camera housing.  Study your proposed deploy location and place yourself in position where the camera will be mounted and then consider now how high the camera should be.  Always remember, if the project/object in the viewing area is going to grow vertically, think about how high the camera will need to be mounted.  By following these considerations, you will create the best still imagery photography for all your outdoor applications.


Lens Options

Now that you understand where to place your Mega camera, it is now time to determine which lens is best for your application.  If your project/object is close to the camera mounting location, we suggest our 90 degree lens which provides the widest view at close proximities.  The 45 degree lens is best when the project/object is further away from the camera mounting location and provides the best detail from longer distances.


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