Solar Powered Remote Property Management Camera System

Property management can be a very expensive, time consuming, and difficult process without proper technology. Copper theft, property damage, and squatting are just a few examples of what property owners face when unable to physically be there to protect the property and investment.

As the real estate market matures, technology has to grow with it. The rapid advances Eye Trax has made in technology are tremendous, offering property management companies the ability to manage properties remotely while still providing the level of service, which is expected from customers.

Things as small as maintaining a freshly cut outdoor lawn area may seem like an everyday commonplace to the majority, but when attracting new tenants, this becomes a necessity in maintenance. New customers also like to have references when deciding on a property management company. There is no better way to demonstrate the consistency of care for a facility than being able to provide dated and timed evidence of company’s upkeep on current properties using our solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras.

Having the ability to show this information instantly using the live video & image feature can often be the difference between a contract signature and a “call you next week” ending to a prospective customer meeting. 

Property management companies across the globe encounter issues with tenants and non-tenants dumping excessively and improperly in trash receptacles. Some property management companies have now encompassed a recycling center for furniture and other large items which could be reused by other tenants, but these have also become a common location for these “trash bandits” to offload unwanted items without dumping on government property. By not using a public location illegal dumpers believe they are outsmarting the law by using a residential location to do their dirty work. Now the property management companies have a tool to assist in thwarting off wrongdoers and even assist in prosecuting the unlawful individuals misusing facilities with the use of the Eye Trax motion security camera. These solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras will take pictures day and night documenting every car and every person that enters the trash collection area. Pictures from the night vision security camera system are sent over the cellular network to a secure server which watermarks each image for authenticity for purposes of supplying court approved documentation. 

Common areas are often a point of interest for property management companies due to their high traffic by tenants and guests. Areas such as play areas for children and community swimming pools accommodate multiple visitors at a time. In today’s world a parent can never be too safe. The Eye Trax remote security camera allows property management companies the ability to provide residents with a username and login to cloud camera viewing software to view these common areas, so if they allow children to go play without their supervision, they still have an “eye in the sky” to be able to rest assured that children are safe and keep the parental all seeing eye over their loved ones. 

Large property management companies are responsible for managing multiple properties remotely from a main office. Although there may be an on-site manager at each facility, regional managers, directors, and owners still wish to have a hands on approach to providing top level services to their customers prefer to see exactly how the locations are being maintained and cared for. Not only does the solar powered wireless night vision security camera allow executives to ensure excellent care for the facility, but also to keep a close eye on property managers and guarantee assets are being cared for properly. Knowledge for these individuals is power, and nothing gives a person more confidence in knowing something than when they can see it in real time for themselves. 

Due to the fact that multiple locations need to be managed from a remote location, understanding the needs of the local area is vital to the property management company. While a single property management company may operate facilities in Texas as well as New York, each of these locations has different needs. By having the ability to identify what these needs may be, property managers can retain current customers and provide the best services to them that are applicable. Obviously the Texas location won’t need the excessive salt and snow removal materials as the New York facility may, each with their own set of complications, which by having the ability to visually identify these needs using the solar powered motion activated camera, is what will set apart premier property management companies from the rest. 

Most properties that require this type of outdoor wireless security camera also don’t have power to the location needed to operate a camera. The sun powers the Eye Trax solar powered wireless security camera, so there is no reason to go through the expense of running power. The provided solar panel will keep the wireless motion activated camera running indefinitely while monitoring the remote area 24/7/365. 

Gate cameras that can read licenses plates are a great way to identify automobiles in remote locations. This kind of remote security camera can be accomplished with the Eye Trax wireless outdoor security camera system. In locations where a car comes to a complete stop, the Eye Trax wireless motion activated license plate camera will take pictures of the vehicle and the license plate and store the pictures on the secure Eye Trax cloud-based servers. 

Property management companies can provide this service for individuals or the end user can buy direct. Never the less Eye Trax provides peace and mind that investments are being monitored 24/7/365 with the solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras.

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