Storage Yard & Material Drop Location & Wireless Motion Activated Night Vision Security Cameras

Theft and vandalism from storage yards is a growing problem because in these locations there is thousands of dollars of equipment and materials stored in remote locations with little to no protection. Most storage yards have a fence to keep Vandals out but if they really want to steal materials or equipment this will only slow them down.

Theft of construction equipment and material is a national epidemic. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, as much as one billion dollars worth of construction tools, equipment, and materials is stolen nationwide each year and 90% of this amount is taken directly from construction and storage yard sites. Such losses increased by 64% between 1995 and 2001, and that trend is continuing upward at an alarming rate!

Most storage yard owners are using the Eye Trax construction camera because the construction industry is very similar to the issues found with storage yards where there is thousands in equipment and materials left vacant during the times that Vandals strike. The construction cameras are monitoring the jobsite and storage areas while people are not on site.

Solar powered wireless construction camera systems watch everything and everyone who enters the field of view of the night vision security camera. The Eye Trax motion activated construction camera uses a passive infrared motion sensor that detects changes in thermal activity in the viewing area. When a human or vehicle is present, the motion activated nighttime security camera will start taking pictures of these events and instantly send them as text alerts to any mobile phone so that you can evaluate the threat and dial 911 if necessary.

By calling into the police department with live evidence of a crime, the police will consider this a “crime in action” and use every effort to immediately descend to the storage yard to try and apprehend the Vandal. This method of catching the Vandal or scaring them away is truly the ONLY way to prevent this crime from happening again.

The solar powered wireless construction camera is the best outdoor camera to use in storage yards because they do not require any infrastructure in order to operate. The solar panel keeps the internal battery fully charged so that the construction camera runs indefinitely day and night with a 10 day battery back up. During the night when nobody is around Vandals typically strike and the motion activated camera will take high definition black and white images using the infrared sensors that surround the night vision security camera. This infrared light is invisible to the human eye but will produce a crisp image for the end User to determine what the threat is and what to do next.

Don’t wait to have your equipment or materials stolen or wait to have it happen again. Install the Eye Trax construction camera to any surface and protect your storage yard from Vandals today!

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