Remotely monitor wildlife and nature with solar powered motion activated surveillance cameras.

In order to watch wildlife in their most natural form, a human really can’t by present due to the fact that animals will smell and sense them. Human presence detracts from animal activity hence making viewing wildlife difficult to do live. Eye Trax solves this issue by providing a solar powered wireless surveillance camera that delivers high definition quality pictures to our cloud software, email, and mobile phone in seconds of wildlife activity. Our remote solar powered surveillance camera transmits over the cellular network and can be triggered by any animal larger than 3lbs. This motion activated camera is designed with a motion sensor that measure changes in thermal activity to trigger the solar powered surveillance camera therefore eliminating blank images and only triggering when an animal is present.

Our cellular solar powered cameras eliminate the need to ever go to the remote webcam once the unit has been deployed. The solar panel keeps the internal batteries charged to run day and night indefinitely with the ability to withstand 10 full days of operation without aid from the solar panel.

By not having human activity in these remote areas, wildlife will be more active because they don’t have any fear to be in this particular location. Meanwhile, the you can be watching the wildlife activity live from our cloud camera control software simply by logging in.

A large majority of wildlife activity takes place at night. The Eye Trax night vision surveillance camera is equipped with infrared lamps that are invisible to the human eye as well as wildlife and have a visible distance of over 100ft.

Eye Trax wireless outdoor surveillance camera system can provide this information on timed basis, motion activation, or can be requested to take a live picture or video at any time.

The Time-lapse video is a great feature to use when reviewing the activity of wildlife. Our cloud software provides a very simple tool for creating high definition time lapse videos. This remote motion activated camera technology can help study the activity of wildlife and become more proficient on how to effectively document activity in remote areas of the world.

Take a look at our camera systems and products to determine which system is best for your operations or send us an email with any question you may have.