Industry applications of solar powered, wireless CCTV security cameras.

Our solar powered wireless camera system designs allows various industries to apply the technology in specific ways to suite their needs and streamline their operations.  New to the wireless security camera market, we offer a different solution for security & surveillance in the most remote locations where power & internet simply does not exist. Various industries are quickly discovering that they can use our camera systems to save money, decrease work time, increase communication, secure sensitive remote locations, and increase market share.  Customers, Clients and Corporate Headquarters of the industries where used, find that once used in test locations that the remote cellular cameras increase group communications while deceasing time spent in communications.

See how the various industries are using our solar wireless security cameras for their specific applications. 

Working Together Construction

Construction Industry Examples

Sleep easy while our construction site security cameras are watching over your jobsite including material and equipment drop locations. Create high definition time lapse videos, draw on pictures, and overlay picture analysis with our camera control software.

  Pipe Line 1

Oil & Gas Industry Examples

Constantly monitor oil & gas sites and long distance transmission lines for leaks, movement and criminal activity. Time lapse videos demonstrate the movement of transmission lines while keeping the area secure.

electrical yards need remote area surveillance.  Who is stealing your copper today?  wireless solar powered cameras eye trax.

Power Transmission & Generation

Sub Stations and stored materials located in very remote locations are kept secure and under surveillance. Catch the criminals who are cutting through fencing to steal copper with our instant motion activated alerts.

  snow plow trucks

Snow Removal Application Examples

Know when to go… Verify snowfall accumulations, and equipment storage locations 24 hours a day. Check on your Clients facilities prior to deploying your snow removal equipment. Keep your Clients happy by being one step ahead!

CMPD solar powered night vision camera

Law Enforcement Examples

Alert the local Police department automatically with our instant text message alerts. Drastically reduce an Officer’s response time to public dumpsites, drug active locations, parks, parking lots, etc.

  Farm Camera

Agriculture Industry Images

Create time lapse videos of various grow sites to compare which plants grow most efficiently based on soil moisture levels. Keep a close eye on key environmental sensitive areas while being miles away at the convenience of your office.

storage yard solar powered motion activated security camera

Storage Yard Security

Protect your company’s assets that are stored in non-secure remote locations. Be alerted the second human or vehicle activity is detected in and around your storage yard. Catch the criminals in the act before they come back and do it again!


Wildlife & Nature Surveillance

Take part of watching animals in the wild from miles away. Discover nature in free form without the apprehension from Human interaction. Study their behavior, migration, and food consumption for your specific needs.

property management solar powered surveillance cameras cellular surveillance cameras

Property Management Examples

Monitor your remote property for security and maintenance right from your office. Be notified when people are coming and going by motion detect activity. Check in and verify that the property conditions are acceptable or need attention.

  fire boat marine

Boat & Dock Security Examples

Keep a secure marina and dock 24 hours a day for all the boats that are easily accessed from criminals. Catch the perpetrators in the act while they are unaware they are being watch from a mobile phone miles away.

Solar powered construction camera 2

Ranch & Gate Security 

Protect your remotely located property from intruders and monitor your farming operations from miles away. Install a gate security camera to be instantly notified when a human or vehicle approaches your property.

  Marine Camera


Caught On Camera Funny Images! 

Sometimes we just capture the strangest things...

night shot canada

Night Vision Examples

Check out examples of our night vision capabilities in different situations.

  dump site white dodge

License Plate Capture Examples

Our telescopic lens can capture license plates of vehicles for documentation.

Illegal dump picture

Public Dumping Images

Unfortunately people dump their refuse in public areas, costing us thousands in tax revenue.  Municipalities use our cameras to catch these bad people and fine them.


Water Retention & Pump Stations

Remotely monitor water retention ponds and pump stations from miles away.









































































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