Solar Powered Cellular Surveillance & Security Camera Purchase Process

The purchasing of cameras, accessories and monthly service, is all done on our website. We strive every day to keep our solar powered security camera systems easy to purchase, install and operate.

During the checkout process, we require a camera “deploy location”. We will use this information to determine which cellular carrier has the best service for your deploy location. The camera arrives to you “ready to operate” because we have preconfigured your camera with the service required for your deploy location. This cellular connection is part of the monthly service fee for each camera.

You can find all of our cameras & accessories on one main landing page. Each product includes a product picture and brief description of the system features. The icons next to each product provide more detail information about each product. The pricing icon provides camera specification, pricing and the starting point to begin the purchase process.

The purchasing process has five steps consisting of

            1.  Contact Information

            2.  Camera Deploy Location(s)

            3.  Billing & Shipping

            4.  Shipping Methods & Promo Codes

            5.  Process Order

Upon processing your payment, you will receive an email providing the tracking number, invoice, and instructions. At any time after the purchase of your camera systems, you can log into the cloud software and set up your cloud services communications so that your camera is "ready to operate" upon receipt of your wireless security camera system.


Purchase Process


Cloud Services


If you need customize the camera system to accept remote triggers, flash upon motion, or anything else you may require, please provide details using on our Contact Us page and one of our Engineers will respond shortly.