Eye Trax Is The Leading Manufacturer Of Solar Powered Security Camera Systems

Our wireless cellular camera systems are powered by the sun and only require a cellular signal to operate autonomously anywhere in the world 24/7/365!  Equipped with a 10-day internal battery, our cameras are designed for the worst environmental hazards while providing video & images in blackout conditions.  

Videos & images are acquired by our camera systems in various methods including, motion detection, scheduled times, and everyone's favorite "live look".  Videos & images are sent over the cellular network to our cloud software which hosts all your camera's controls, features, archives and is available in a mobile application. Our "cloud services" provides you with "contract free" unlimited cellular data communication and cloud software on a monthly basis, you simply pay when you need new video & images.  Our "service manager" feature in our cloud software provides you total control of your cloud services and method of payment.

Our goal is to provide you with instant information from your remote secure location by providing text alert notifications in the event a human or vehicle is present while back up storing all your video & images in our cloud software for review.  Our "all in one" quick deploy security camera system was designed with the User in mind.

If you can operate a screwdriver and a mobile phone than you can install our camera systems in less than 20 minutes providing we ship our solar cellular security camera systems "ready to operate", all you have to do is power the camera "on".  View, aim & control your cellular camera with our mobile app while installing your camera to ensure you are viewing your targeted area to complete the install.  If you don't have a mounting pole, we can provide you with a temporary and permanent solution in our "cameras & accessories" page.

Explore our site to see how the Eye Trax solar powered cellular security camera systems can fulfill your security and surveillance needs. You can also contact us at  800.594.4157 or visit our online form

Industries That Use Our Solar Powered Cellular Security Camera Systems

  • Construction
    Sleep easy while our construction site security cameras are watching over your jobsite including material and equipment drop locations. Create high definition time lapse videos, draw on pictures, and overlay picture analysis with our camera control software.
  • Storage
    Protect your company’s assets that are stored in non-secure remote locations. Be alerted the second human or vehicle activity is detected in and around your storage yard. Catch the criminals in the act before they come back and do it again!
  • Oil
    & Gas
    Constantly monitor oil & gas sites and long distance transmission lines for leaks, movement and criminal activity. Time lapse videos demonstrate the movement of transmission lines while keeping the area secure.
  • Power
    Sub Stations and stored materials located in very remote locations are kept secure and under surveillance. Catch the criminals who are cutting through fencing to steal copper with our instant motion activated alerts.
  • Government
    Alert the local Police department automatically with our instant text message alerts. Drastically reduce an Officer’s response time to public dumpsites, drug active locations, parks, parking lots, etc.
  • Property
    Monitor your remote property for security and maintenance right from your office. Be notified when people are coming and going by motion detect activity. Check in and verify that the property conditions are acceptable or need attention.
  • Snow
    Know when to go… Verify snowfall accumulations, and equipment storage locations 24 hours a day. Check on your Clients facilities prior to deploying your snow removal equipment. Keep your Clients happy by being one step ahead!
  • Environmental
    & Agriculture
    Create time lapse videos of various grow sites to compare which plants grow most efficiently based on soil moisture levels. Keep a close eye on key environmental sensitive areas while being miles away at the convenience of your office.
  • Marine
    Keep a secure marina and dock 24 hours a day for all the boats that are easily accessed from criminals. Catch the perpetrators in the act while they are unaware they are being watch from a mobile phone miles away.
  • Rural
    & Ranch
    Protect your remotely located property from intruders and monitor your farming operations from miles away. Install a gate security camera to be instantly notified when a human or vehicle approaches your property.
  • Wildlife
    Take part of watching animals in the wild from miles away. Discover nature in free form without the apprehension from Human interaction. Study their behavior, migration, and food consumption for your specific needs.
  • Security
    Become a part of our team and provide security solutions for Clients who need our unique security camera solutions. We offer a white label camera and software solutions for the companies that require individuality or desire a leg up on the competition.